We are pivoting.
Watch this space carefully.

The original mission of e1ectr0n was to support new hardware development with a special kind of accelerator. We were prepared to donate space—up to 7,000 square feet—and supply manufacturing engineering support. Oh, and funding from ourselves and a number of source.

We were ready to do the heavy lifting it takes to lift off into the universe. It didn’t happen. We didn’t achieve liftoff. But we learned a bunch in the process.

We learned not many startups are working on large, complex projects.

There is very little complex hardware development happening outside of established companies. Also, there is a robust hardware development community built around using Components Off The Shelf (COTS). Using COTS is a laudable effort, we do it ourselves when it makes sense, but developing on COTS doesn’t require the heavy lifting e1ectr0n was built to offer.

So now, we pivot.

It’s exciting to pivot. We have a refined mission and a path to success. We are going to make waves in the industry and introduce a revolutionary concept. Exciting!

We’ll announce more about this pivot later this year.

You’re gonna like this.