e1ectr0n accelerates hardware development.

Hardware development is hard. It’s also different; different from software and from other businesses. Hardware development takes a different set of steps to reach critical mass and change orbits, to expand beyond its beginnings and take flight.

We built e1ectr0n as an accelerator for hardware development.

At e1ectr0n there is a concentration of forces that are focused on hardware and those unique requirements for success. Axiom Electronics powers the incubator, bringing engineering and manufacturing capability, and many supporting companies and individuals bring expertise and knowledge.

Do you want to build hardware? Do you want to power the future? If yes, then join us.


e1ectr0n Sponsors Portland Startup Weekend November 14-16, 2014

For the second time in 2014, e1ectr0n sponsors Portland Startup Weekend. This gathering of people with diverse and eclectic skill sets reflects the incubator ethos we like to see. Find out more about Portland Startup Weekend or check out the action on Twitter at #PDXSW #GSB2014


e1ectr0n Hardware Pitch Contest

The e1ectr0n Hardware Pitch Contest is supported by OTBC and Axiom Electronics. The contest is the starting block for the race to bring your product to market. Watch this space for news about the next Hardware Pitch Contest or read about past contests on our blog.

Along with cash prizes, an e1ectr0n Hardware Development Toolbox goes to the ultimate winner and supplies the building block tools for hardware development.


Think of the e1ectr0n incubator as a particle accelerator and each project as a particle. Every particle has specific needs to complete its purpose, so does every project.

Maybe one project needs organizational assistance, while another project is looking for help debugging a prototype. Another project may be getting ready to launch and is looking to meet investors.

What Does Your Project Need?

Contact us now and let us know what you are doing. Chances are that e1ectr0n can help accelerate you and your hardware project.